Goldwell and Modern Salon team up on a behind-the-scenes documentary in 5 Webisodes. Join Dimitrios Tsioumas, GOLDWELL International Artistic Master & NAHA Haircolorist and Editorial Stylist of the Year, as he creates a Color Zoom photo shoot – from developing story boards, choosing models, meeting with the photographer, to photo prep and then the final shoot. Check out the results first-hand in the April issue of Modern Salon Magazine.

EPISODE 1 |  The Storyboard

How do you create a winning concept? Bring together all of your inspirations and see your concept emerge. Dimitrios will give you a behind-the-scenes look at how he creates a storyboard concept.

EPISODE 2 |  The Model Call

What should a stylist look for when casting models? How do you effectively screen and consult with models? What is the difference between casting a model for a photo shoot vs. a show or a class? Dimitrios gives practical and creative advice for picking the perfect model who wants to work with you again and again.

EPISODE 3 | Meeting with the Photographer, Makeup Artist & Stylist

On the shoot day, nothing can be left to chance…your Photographer, Makeup Artist and Wardrobe Stylist are your key team players. It's important that you are all on the same page before you get to the shoot – that way everything works like clockwork on the day and there are no surprises!  Dimitrios shares his secrets for how to relay his vision and gain input from all the key players on ideas to make the end result even better!

EPISODE 4 | The Prep

Having a plan for your prep work is essential to success. You already have your model and your team, now you need to make sure that your work proceeds flawlessly. This is the time to have a well thought-out plan on how to make your vision for the hair come to life. Don't rush it…have a plan, take your time and do it right. This webisode will feature Dimitrios talking about his secrets to staying organized and focused throughout the prep process.

EPISODE 5 | The Shoot

It's Showtime! If you're organized and focused, it should proceed like clockwork. The hair, makeup and wardrobe are all perfect…now it's time to capture your vision on film. Learn the on-set secrets of making sure your vision translates to the final image. Prep, prep, prep and then let the process happen! Watch as Dimitrios works to create the perfect image with his photographer partner.